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This community is all about INDIE JEWS.
You don't even have to be Jewish to join, Jew affecionados (fuck you, I can't spell in Spanish) are welcome. As in the immortal words of !!!, THERE'S NO FUCKING RULES DUDE!
So join, introduce yourself, make a few jokes about the French (they hated us first!!), I'll have my people call your people, we'll do lunch.

I'm not gonna tell anyone what to do. But here are some suggestions, cause if you do something stupid you may get the crap beaten out of you Israeli-tank-style.
I. Thou should not advertise stupid shit
II. Thou should not be excessively mean to people. If you really have to insult someone, MAKE IT WITTY!
III. Um, before thou posts something thou could try reading back a few entries to make sure no one already posted it.
IV. All employees must wash hands
50 shekel, adam brody/seth cohen, adam goldberg, adam green, adrien brody, argentina, ari fleischer (secretly indie!), b'nai brith, bagels, bar mitzvahs, baruch spinoza, beards, beastie boys, being cute, being indie, being jewish, being rock, ben kweller, ben lee, bialys, big noses, brisket, bubbes, chinese food, circumcision, communal living, community service, conservative judaism, dancing, dive bars, dreidels, eastern europe, ethics, eugene v. debs, g-d, geddy lee, goyim, grandparents, hannukah, hanukkah, hebrew, heeb magazine, hip hop, hollywood, indie jews, indie music, investment banking, irony, israel, jccs, jewfros, jewish weddings, jewish-looking guy from interpol, jews, jews that are indie, joe trohman, john kerry, jon stewart, justine frischmann, kabbalah, katz's delicatessen, kibbutzes, kikes, knishes, latkes, loehmann's, london, long island, los angeles, lower east side, manischewitz, matzoh, menorahs, michael ian black, michael showalter, mikvah, milk and honey, mitzvot, moses, natalie portman, new york city, nfty, nick valensi, not nazis, not zionism, orthodox jews, passover, peace, political incorrectness, rabbis, random acts of kindness, reform judaism, rockville maryland, russia, sarah silverman, seinfeld, sephardic jews, shia leboeuf, shiksas, silver jews, skinny boys, socialism, south-american politics (just kidding!), star of david bling-bling, stephen malkmus (not-actually-jewish), stomping on glass, synagogues, the hebrew hammer, the jew unit, the middle east, the old country, tiffany and co., tikkun olam, torah, unionism, wandering in the desert, wet hot american summer, williamsburg, woody allen, yarmulkes, yentas, yidcore, yiddish, yom kippur, zionism