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Introducing Tirtzah: A Community for Frum Queer Women - INDIE JEWS KNOW HOW TO PARTY [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Introducing Tirtzah: A Community for Frum Queer Women [May. 30th, 2008|11:09 am]


Tirtzah: The Blog

Tirtzah: The E-mail List

We are a community of frum queer women who gather to celebrate and study our yiddishkeit. We are committed to the value of shleimut (wholeness) and to supporting one another in observing a meaningful, integrated, honest and joyful Jewish life.

We started this blog and e-mail list in order to share our stories of weaving together the queer and Jewish (and secular!) parts of our lives and explorations of halacha, community, dignity, yiddishkeit, gender identity and sexual orientation.

If you are a lesbian, bisexual or queer identified woman who is religious, observant and/or Orthodox… or is on the path to becoming more halachically observant… we welcome you to join our e-mail discussion group. In addition to our e-mail discussion group and this blog, we hold events in the New York City area.

Are you a religious queer Jewish woman with a story to share? We are looking for guest posters, so if you would like to write something for this blog, please e-mail us at tirtzahcommunity at gmail.com